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Let Us Create A Sign For You!


Building Signage – The Process

Every sign is different, and knowing the type you want to buy depends on the design and how it is going to be built.

At Encore Image, we pride ourselves on educating our clients about the ins and out of creating a sign. We make sure to use the best products possible to build signs and adhere to all city codes to help your business succeed.


What Goes Into Creating a Sign?

Step #1: Meet With the Customer

A lot of times, customers may not know what they are looking for when creating a sign. So we personally meet with them to get a general understanding of what they want.

When discussing your sign, it would generally include the established name of the business, what the business entails, and other important information that will be pieced together to create a design fitting of the company.

After we finish designing the sign, and it has been approved by the client, we will discuss the cost estimate. Pricing depends on the size and complexity of the sign. Once the estimate is complete, and the contract has been signed, we move forward to getting the correct permits.

Step #2: Obtaining the Permits

All signs that can be viewed from a public right of way need a permit.

The whole process of obtaining a permit is a significant part of producing your sign, and the reason is that every city is different and has its own sign code. Before installing your sign, we must figure out what is permissible according to the city codes and then take the design to the city for approvals.

If a customer’s business is located within a shopping center, most centers or multi-tenant locations have their own permit requirements. So we have to speak to the landlord and owner to get their permission in addition to getting the city’s approval.

The city will also require that the owner of the shopping location develop sign criteria that fall within the city’s permissible code.

Step #3: Installing Your Sign

After obtaining the permits, the final stage will be constructing and installing your sign. Once built, the electrical circuit is connected to your sign, and you will be ready for business. Most signs can take one week to a couple of months to complete, depending on its size and complexity.


If you are interested in creating a sign for your business, you can call our office at (800) 791-1187 today! 


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